Prices for Crested Butte Lift Tickets - 2016-2017 Ski Season

The lift pass prices posted below are valid for the 2016-2017 ski season. These prices are based on 1-day lift tickets purchased at the ticket window during EARLY season. You can also see the prices for 4-day ski passes further down the page.

It should also be noted that there is a 4% mountain "admission tax" in Crested Butte. Crested Butte is the only mountain resort in Colorado that charges this tax. We know. It's not cool, but we deal with it because CB is so very awesome.

Ticket CategoryEarly SeasonHolidaysRegular Season
Adult $71 $115 $111
Child (7 -12) $FREE $63 $61
Teen (13 -17) $64 $104 $100
Senior (65+) $57 $92 $89


It can be hard to find cheap Crested Butte lift tickets. The catch? It will require a little planning on your part. The button below will send you to a form where you can enter when you're arriving and how many people are in your group. We sometimes get small deals to CB in very small windows, and sometimes not. 

Hopefully, we have something in stock and can get you set up right.

Crested Butte 4-Day Ski Passes

Prices shown below are valid for 4-day ski passes that are purchased online in advance. These tickets can be used on 4 out of 5 days. Discounted rates are also available for 1-7 day passes.

Ticket CategoryEarly SeasonHolidaysRegular Season
Adult $267 $432 $417
Child (7 -12) $FREE $237 $229
Youth (13 -17) $241 $391 $376
Senior (65+) $214 $346 $335

Advice on Buying ski passes

As with most things, buying early will deliver you the best savings. Many families opt to buy their ski passes once they get to the mountain not because they don't understand buying early, but because after they have paid in advance for lodging for the week--which can be a couple thousand dollars--and possibly paying for plane tickets, buying ski passes early can seem daunting. While you have to get those plane tickets early to get the deals and book lodging ahead because they fill up so fast, the ski pass deals dry up completely once you get to the mountains. If you pay the window rate for your ski pass, this is the highest amount you can ever pay.

AN EXAMPLE. Family of four. Skiing for five days. If you buy from us, you will pay $338/pass or $1,352. If you pay the window rate, the price will be $451/pass or $1,804 for a loss of $452 just from not buying ahead. Of course, you might not have four people in your crew, and you might not be skiing this many days, but this is about the range of savings (or loss) that you can expect for your party.

Crested butte half day lift ticket

These are only available on the day of skiing, only available through the CB ticket window, and only available for the afternoon. Typically, if regular season passes are $111, then half day tickets are usually $83. These are usually not a great financial deal--as you can see--but if you get to the hill late, you are kind of stuck paying this price. Our advice is to never wait around to buy these. If you get to the slopes at 1130, don't wait until 1230 just to save $20. Because you are costing yourself an hour of amazing CB skiing.

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