Freeride Systems is a local apparel manufacturer that uses Leadville’s elevation—the highest incorporated city in the U.S.—to produce carry systems and apparel that can withstand the extreme conditions that come with mountain sports. But that’s not all that ties this company to the city. Owner Michael Collins has made Leadville’s history and heritage—as well as the present-day impact on the local economy—a big part of his Colorado brands. They also have a manufacturing facility in Denver.

Fulsus USA and Prospect Pants Co. are sister brands for outdoor jackets. These brands like to highlight their commitment to manufacturing their products in USA and Colorado specifically. Prospect Pants speaks to Leadville’s historic mining industry as well as the fact that, today, these same mountains drive the local economy through alpine sports. Especially “freeride sports” including skiing, mountain biking, and motorcycling.

If you ask these guys what makes something a freeride sport, one of the things they’ll tell you is that these sports aren’t necessarily competitive in nature. It’s one of the things we find a lot of people love about skiing and other alpine sports. If you’re looking to use your ski apparel dollars on a local company, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these brands.

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