Best Tree Skiing at Steamboat

Where can you find the best tree skiing at Steamboat? You can see one of the best areas for this in the photo below. This tree skiing zone is on Sunshine Peak. You'll find widely spread aspen trees throughout this area of the mountain. You can access this zone via the Sunshine Express or Priest Creek chairlifts.

steamboat tree skiing


You can find some of the steepest tree skiing areas at Steamboat in the Christmas Bowl. You'll find a few chutes that are equally challenging to the north-east of the Christmas Bowl (Called East Face, North St. Pat's ski trails). You will need to make a quick and easy hike in order to access this terrain; this makes this a great place to ski in the trees on a powder day. You can see pictures of this zone here - Expert Skiing at Steamboat.

Tree Skiing for Beginners

If you are a beginner-intermediate skier, you might enjoy skiing the trees in the Morningside Park area. The pitch here is not too steep, and there are plenty of short/easy runs that you can take through the woods here. The next photo below is taken while looking down into Morningside Park from the skier's right side of the bowl.

steamboat tree skiing

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