Lift tickets can be expensive. But if you look around, it is possible to save a lot of money when you buy your lift tickets. Check out our Lift Ticket Comparison Guide for the latest deals and pricing information.

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The Best Places for Seafood in the Mountains

Maybe it’s not that suprising with as many visitors that we get from the coasts, but we are asked more times than seems reasonable¬†Where is the place to go for seafood? On its face, it may not seem like the mountains is the spot to look for a fresh catch. However, for all you seafood lovers out there, we have curated a list of places that top our lists as well as one other concept you might not be thinking about that could change everything for you.

Tips on How to Avoid Being a Huge Jerk While Skiing

dont be a jerk skiing
Here are some of the most common things that JERKS do when on ski vacations. Don’t be jerk. Nobody wants that.

Don’t be a Jerk


Pairing Up Colorado Mountains & Colorado Beers

colorado mountains and beers
We had an idea to create beer pairings for our 24 glorious peaks. We have them here for you because you’re awesome. And you’ll love it.

Colorado Mountain & Beer Pairings


Know the Marijuana Laws Before You Get Here

colorado weed laws
We have been asked often about the Colorado marijuana laws. Here is what you need to know to prepare yourself.

Colorado Weed Laws

Which is the Best Action Camera? We’ll Tell You

action camera trial
We took 4 of the top action cameras head-to-head in an on-mountain test to find out which is the best for snowboarders and skiers. We’ll tell you which is the best for the money, and why.

Which is the Best Action Camera?

4 Tips to Save Big on Ski Trips

ski trip savings
From where you stay to what you eat and the timing of everything, the savings are out there. And they might just be right in front of you. But the biggest way to save is simply planning ahead–and not even that far ahead.

The Big 4 Ski Trip Savings Tips

The Amazing Hot Tub Scene in Steamboat

Best Hot Tubs in Steamboat
We crawled all over Steamboat Mountain this week in search of the best hot tubbing in town. Nearly every spot in Steamboat has a hot tub, and while the best place to soak after a hard day skiing is likely your own private one, a few in town are a cut above the rest. Here they are.

Best Steamboat Hot Tubs 

1/2 Day Lift Tickets: Good Idea?

half day lift tickets
Half day lift tickets are a cognitive trap that many have fallen prey to over the years. Sometimes, it just makes smart money sense to buy them, but many don’t know when those times are. We called around to all of the resorts and got their full-day and half-day lift ticket prices so you can compare them side-by-side to understand where it makes good sense to purchase these, and most of all, when.

1/2 Day Lift Tickets

2018 Snowboarding Playlists

Pretty Lights Arena Photo
There are tons of great jam-on-it tunes these days and from yesteryear for anyone to be able to throw some tunes in a folder and have a decent time on the hill. But finding the RIGHT mix for your runs in critical. If you’ve seen High Fidelity, you know what we mean. So here are some snowboarding playlists from around the horn, including some of our own, that are sure to help you on your way to the perfect setlist for your day ripping it up. Snowboarding Playlists

Rent ‘Em or Ship ‘Em? Which Makes More $ense?

half day lift tickets
We own our gear, but it’s painful paying baggage fees when we fly. It’s not a crazy amount of money, but it feels like it’s a million dollar rip-off. But we also rent sometimes, too, when it makes sense. So we have pulled together all of the various known costs, side-by-side, to RENT or FLY to help you make it make sense, too. Rent Skis or Ship Them?

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