TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 430 East Hyman Ave, Aspen

Hours: Every day from 5p-10p


If you are looking for a place that is known for hospitable service and delicious meals, then Ellina might just be your next dinner reservation. The entire staff is welcoming and attentive. The bartenders and sommelier can recommend just the drink or wine to go with your meal. They also have one of the longest wine lists in Aspen, meaning there is a great wine in just about any price range. Generally, the staff won’t try to upsell too much on the drinks, either.

The food is simply amazing at Ellina. Aside from the wine, it is the thing that impresses customers again and again. Ellina is a local and tourist favorite when it comes to a place to grab a great bite to eat after a long day. Each meal is creative and cooked to perfection by their experienced chef. Meal prices vary widely, so it’s possible to keep the check manageable or do the vacation splurge.

What They’re Known for: Most of the customers remember Ellina the best for their extensive wine list. They have such a large variety of wines in different types and price ranges that there is definitely something for everyone.

What to Watch for: Judging the book by its cover. The atmosphere in Ellina is simple and casual, but the quality of the food far outweighs the plainness of the restaurant.

Price: $15-$50+

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Ellina - Aspen