Skiing for Kids

Beaver Creek Skiing for Kids

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Childrens Programs and Childrens Ski Zones

Beaver Creek and Vail are both great ski resorts to bring your children to for a family vacation. There are programs to keep your kids busy all day long no matter how old they are.

Ski Lessons for Kids

beaver creek kids skiing

Ski lessons for children at Beaver Creek are divided up by age and ability. There are 3 age groups that are used by the ski school here; ages 3-6, 7-14, and 15-18. Each program is tailored to a particular age group and skill level so that all of the children feel comfortable in their groups. The instructors are colorful and they all know how to teach children to ski in a way that is fun for each child – even if that child happens to have been placed on the ski slope against their will.

Child Care at Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek has a complete and fully certified childcare facility. If you have children that are too young to ski you can make reservations at the child care center and nursery by calling 907-745-5325.

Reservations are only available for full day child care services. You are welcome to stop in with your child without a reservation, however, space is limited and walk-ins will be accepted based on availability.

Beaver Creek Children’s Ski Terrain Photos

You can see a few of the areas below that are designed specifically for children. You’ll find animated characters here, designated children’s ski school zones, and adventure trails through the Beaver Creek woods that will take your children through teepees and wooden artwork.

beaver creek childrens programs


ski slopes for kids


beaver creek kids


beaver creek skiing kids


children skiing at beaver creek


beaver creek children


ski slopes for kids


ski slopes for children


ski slopes for kids

ski slopes for kids


ski slopes for kids


Beaver Creek Skiing for Kids