Beaver Creek Area Restaurants & Dining Options

We have defined the Beaver Creek restaurant area as Beaver Creek, Avon, Edwards, hell we might even slide in something from Eagle if you aren’t watching closely. We have done our best to list where things are, but you should double check before walking or driving. Unsurprisingly, Beaver Creek has a vibrant upscale dining scene, with some many top notch dining spots they are too many to mention. This isn’t to say that you can’t find a burger or pizza or Chinese food at a reasonable price and solid quality. You can. In fact, even the food of the common people has to be of a high quality or it just won’t make it in this town that has been marked up beyond belief. Which, we believe, is comforting. We have listed some of our favorites below, but there are others, to enjoy beyond just these. Happy hunting.

Lark Burger – Burgers Man, Doy – $4-$10/person

For a lot of Beaver Creek skiers staying in Edwards, the Lark Burger is an easy dinner option to keep tucked away for when you need it.

Zino Ristorante – Italian in Edwards – $9-$34/person

With the fancy Italian food on the menu and an extensive wine list, you’d think Zino Ristorante is a great place for a romantic Italian dinner.

The Bookworm of Edwards – Coffee Shop – $4-$10/person

You can’t really say that The Bookworm is a café…it’s more like it has a café.

Henry’s Chinese Café – THE Chinese in Edwards – $6-$20/person

It doesn’t matter where you are, you just need some Chinese food. If that bug hits you while you’re in the valley, check out Henry’s Chinese Café.

Juniper Restaurant – Meat and Game – $20-$40/person

From the minute you walk into Juniper restaurant, you know you’re in for a top-notch dinner.

Belmont Deli – You Know What a Deli is – $4-$16/person

How about checking out Belmont Deli. It’ll fill your cravings and then some! Not from the Northeast but craving a big deli sandwich, a New York bagel.

Vista at Arrowhead – Fine Dining in Edwards – $4-$35/person

Nestled in the Colorado Mountains, and surrounded by vividly colored vegetation and grassy rolling hills, Vista at Arrowhead is your source for fine dining.

Vin 48 – Wine First, Food Second – Avon – $8-$32/person

The Vin 48 is a restaurant and wine bar, but it might as well be called a wine bar and restaurant.

Ticino – Strong Italian in Avon – $7-$30/person

Ticino welcomes one and all from the slopes to enjoy a bite of authentic Italian cuisine.

Gondola Pizza Bar & Grill – Beaver Creek Za – $10-$15/person

Gondola Pizza, Bar and Grill provides a friendly atmosphere and enjoyable experience whether you’re going with friends or the family.

Blue Plate – Beaver Creek Cuisine – $18-$35/person

The family friendly Blue Plate restaurant welcomes you with their friendly wait staff. Be seated almost immediately as you walk into the restaurant, even when they seem to be busy.

Boxcar Restaurant – Classic Food in Beaver Creek – $12-$35/per

Boxcar Restaurant and Bar specializes on adventurous reinvention of classic fare.

In all aspects, they combine the comfortable with the exotic

Columbine Bakery – It’s European and Stuff – $6-$12/person

The Columbine Bakery is an old-world, European bakery, with a focus on freshly baked and unique baked goods.

Pazzo’s Pizzeria – Good Avon Pizza – $7-$15/person

Pazzo’s Pizzeria offers a friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere. It’s about the simplicity of good times, good conversation, and good food.

Maya – Modern Mexican in Beaver Creek – $10-$30/person

When asked, most customers agree the atmosphere is their favorite part of the experience at Maya as it features a very warm and Latin feel.

Northside Coffee Kitchen – Plus Donuts – $4-$25/person

As you walk in Northside Coffee Kitchen for the first time, you will be greeted with donuts the size of your head – no, that is not an exaggeration!

Avon Bakery & Deli – It’s Deli-ish. Whatever. $2-$10/person

For over 15 years, the Avon Bakery & Deli has been serving some of the best deli food in Avon, Colorado.

Bob’s Place – Best Breakfast in BC – $5-$20/person

Bob’s Place is a laid back restaurant offering “the best breakfast in Beaver Creek.”

Castle Peak Grille – Best Grilled Meats – $10-$30/person

Castle Peak Grille is the place to be when you are looking to enjoy an elegant meal while paying a casual dining price.

Balata – Sonnenalp Hotel in Edwards – $10-$31/person

Balata prides itself on serving some of the finest foods in the Vail Valley.

Beano’s Cabin – Fine Dining in Avon – $100+/person

The ride up to Beano’s Cabin is a cozy sleigh ride, and you are greeted right away with an optional pair of warm slippers.

Black Diamond Bistro – Cozy Family Dining – $15-$30/person

Located inside a hotel in Beaver Creek the Black Diamond Bistro is a great family friendly dinner spot that won’t break the bank.

Blue Moose – Best Beaver Creek Pizza – $5-$25/person

The Blue Moose is a rather unique experience in the Beaver Creek Village. They are a family-oriented pizzeria with some of the best NY-style pizza around.

Buffalos – In the Ritz Carlton, Avon – $7-$50/person

Buffalos is located in the Ritz-Carlton in Avon. The restaurant is an upscale dining experience that serves an alpine-influenced American cuisine.

Cafe Milano – Italian Eatery in Edwards – $6-$27/person

Café Milano is a popular Italian eatery with the locals in Edwards. This family owned favorite is open seven days a week and provides classic and creative dishes.

E-Town Colorado – American Cuisine – $4-$25/person

In the heart of Edwards, Colorado is a charming eatery called E|Town.

Fiesta Jalisco – Traditional Mexican in Avon – $5-$20/person

Fiesta Jalisco is a traditional Mexican restaurant serving up authentic Mexican cuisine in Avon.

Golden Eagle Inn – American Fare in Beaver Creek – $20-$40/person

The Golden Eagle Inn takes the quintessential pieces of American fare and recreates them in an entirely new and creative way.

Gore Range Brewery – Edwards Pub Food – $6-$26/person

The Gore Range Brewery is serving up tasty food and excellent handcrafted microbrews in their fun and lively restaurant.

Grouse Mountain Grill – Fine Dining in Beaver Creek – $35/person

The Grouse Mountain Grill is the epitome of fine dining in Beaver Creek: watch the sun go down with a panoramic view of the mountain and creek.

Grouse On-The-Green – Edwards Pub – $7-$23/person

Grouse On-The-Green is just a short walk down the hill at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera.

Hooked – Best Seafood in Beaver Creek – $15-$45/person

Hooked is all about the seafood. Using only the highest quality, sustainable ingredients, they prepare seafood in a variety of ways, from blackened to sashimi.

Mirabelle – French & Belgian Cuisine in BC – $25-$80/person

Mirabelle translates to “the beautiful sight,” and they specialize in the highest quality, authentic, French and Belgian cuisine.

Montana’s Smokehouse – Located in Avon – $5-$25/person

Montana’s Smokehouse is a full service smokehouse located right in Avon.

Nozawa – Quality Beaver Creek Sushi – $7-$25/person

Nozawa is located in a strip mall in Beaver Creek. While this place doesn’t put on the airs of a 5-star sushi palace, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Pizzaone – Handmade Pizzas & Delivery – $6-$25/person

Pizzaone is the local spot for everything pizza. When you want a fresh, handmade, delicious pizza, this is the place to be.

The Metropolitan – Coffee & Booze in One Spot – $5-$15/person

The Metropolitan is a unique hybrid between an upscale bar and a coffee shop.

Toscanini – Beaver Creek Village Italian Food – $6-$65/person

Toscanini is an authentic Italian restaurant located at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain, next to the ice skating rink.

Smiling Moose Deli – Terrific Sandies – $5-$15/person

Of all the places you could choose to stop in Edwards to get breakfast, lunch or an early dinner, one of them has to be the Smiling Moose Deli.

Tacorico – Huge Selection of Delicious Tacos – $5-$15/person

When you are visiting Edwards you have to stop at Tacorico if you are a fan of great tacos.

Dive Fish House – Great Seafood in Edwards – $8-$40/person

When visiting Edwards anyone who is a big fan of seafood–and especially oysters–should have at least one meal at Dive Fish House.

Gashouse – Wild Game in Edwards – $5-$40/person

When you’re looking for a unique place to eat dinner, then the Gashouse is the way to go in Edwards.

Beaver Creek Restaurants