Black Diamond Bistro

Black Diamond Bistro

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 120 Offerson Road, Beaver Creek

Hours: Black Diamond Bistro is open 5:30p-9:30p


Located inside a hotel in Beaver Creek the Black Diamond Bistro is a great family friendly dinner spot that won’t break the bank. They serve an array of gourmet dishes and all are cooked to perfection by a well trained staff. The serving staff is polite, attentive and prompt throughout the meal, without making you feel rushed. The convenient location is great for hotel guests and often weeknights are not too crowded for guests that are not residing in the hotel.

The atmosphere at Black Diamond Bistro is a cozy, family night out. The waiting area consists of cozy chairs that surround a fireplace, a great way to come into dinner after a long day on the slopes! There is a children’s menu available with many kid favorites including grilled cheese and chicken sandwiches. For adults there is a variety of dishes including pizza, ravioli’s, seafood and more all at a reasonable price. There is also a rather well thought out and decently priced wine and beer list.

What They’re Known for: The Black Diamond Bistro is known for being a family friendly restaurant with a convenient location. They are also known for having a friendly and attentive staff.

What to Watch for: While the food is often very good there have been a few consistency issues among reviews. The prices are reasonable for the amount and quality of food though, which is excellent compared to most of the area. Price: $15-$30

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Black Diamond Bistro