Blue Moose

Blue Moose

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 76 Avondale Lane, Beaver Creek

Hours: Blue Moose is open every day from 11a–10p



The Blue Moose is a rather unique experience in the Beaver Creek Village. They are a family-oriented pizzeria with some of the best NY-style pizza around. Kids love it because the table clothes are paper and they are allowed to “customize” it however they please. If you are looking for a place to get a great lunch as a family before everyone starts an afternoon of skiing, then the Blue Moose might just be your place.

They receive praise for everything from the awesome pizza to their impeccable customer service. The wait staff is prompt and attentive and you should never feel rushed. Even better is that you won’t spend a fortune here like you will at many other restaurants in the village. They are reasonably priced with exceptionally well sized portions. They also have a kids menu as well as a craft beer and wine menu to choose from. Regardless of who you are bringing with you, there is a menu and a selection to make everyone happy.

What They’re Known for: The Blue Moose is one of the best family friendly pizzerias in the area, with a total of 4 locations. They serve classic NY-style pizza as well as a variety of other Italian favorites.

What to Watch for: In peak season there can end up being quite the wait for tables. Calling ahead to get reservations is advised if you are going during the main skiing season.

Price: $2-25+

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Blue Moose - Beaver Creek