Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 213 Lincoln Avenue, Breckenridge

Hours: 7a-3p


Back in the early 80s when organic food was just starting to take root, a natural food store passionate about selling organic food turned into a natural eatery that became loved by visitors and locals both. Amazing Grace firmly believes that the food we eat makes a big difference in ourselves and in the world. In an eccentric, fun, historic building, you will find simple, natural, wholesome fresh food.

In a typical ski town filled with typical ski town restaurants serving typical ski food, look to Amazing Grace to give you a healthy alternative that satisfies your craving for good food. And yet, the menu still reflects the kind of familiarity that allows health-minded individuals to convince all their friends to make a visit. The giant stuffed breakfast burritos are a favorite, and the large variety of lunch sandwiches will be sure to please anyone. Owned by five passionate-about-healthy-food women, you will enjoy your breakfast or lunch both during and after the meal.

What They’re Known for: Food and friends. At Amazing Grace, the women who run this fabulous eatery also share a unique bond with their regulars. When you visit Amazing Grace, you may walk in and find the Breckenridge Mayor helping to bus tables during a busy time, the local doctor chopping wood to keep the eatery warm, and a town councilman helping out by manning the cash register. Amazing Grace is not just a restaurant: It’s part of the community, and the inspiring locals are what bring the warm and friendly energy to Amazing Grace.

What to Watch for: Amazing Grace does not do dinner. They do amazing breakfasts, delicious lunches, and tempting snacks and baked goods, but they don’t do dinner.

Price: $3-$10

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Amazing Grace