Kenosha Steakhouse

Kenosha Steakhouse

TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5

Address: 301 S. Main St., Breckenridge (near W Adams Avenue)

Hours: 11:30a-11:30p every day


Kenosha Steakhouse has a lot to offer and are completely dedicated to making sure you get enough food. They have a ton of options on their menu and over twenty years in the business of feeding people. Some of the things we offer that make us a great place to dine are giant man-sized salads, a large kids menu, fish, and vegetarian items if you need them. They have a very extensive beer selection on tap and they also have root beer on tap for those who aren’t into drinking alcohol.

If you like classic American food, then this is the place for you. The burgers, ribs, and BBQ are to die for and available any way you like it. There’s something on the menu for everyone and you won’t be disappointed in the service or the food.

What They’re Known for: Kenosha Steakhouse is mostly known for their Pig Out Platter which is a big delicious meal that you can enjoy alone and spend a long time eating. They also have some delicious all you can eat ribs. Since the restaurant started twenty years ago as Breckenridge BBQ you know you will get the best BBQ you can find in Breckenridge.

What to Watch for: The only thing you will want to watch out for is making sure you get to the restaurant at a decent hour. They tend to get packed with a combination of regulars and vacationers.

Price: $9-20

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Kenosha Steakhouse