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Copper Mountain Lift Ticket Prices 2018-2019 Ski Season

The lift ticket prices listed below have been updated for the 2018-19 ski season. There are already some deals that we have with outside vendors, and the prices listed below are for TICKET WINDOW PURCHASE tickets. Meaning, no booking in advance and you just walk up to the window, even though we have repeatedly told you not to. GAH! The prices listed are for ski passes that are purchased through our Liftopia Coupon (by using the buttons on this page). Prices at the ticket windows will be higher and will vary day to day. If you learn anything from this page, I hope it’s to always buy your lift tickets in advance. Children 5 and under ski for free at Copper Mountain, but children ages 6-12 receive discounted lift tickets at the ticket window.

Ticket Category Ticket Window Our Day Price Our 3-Day Deal Our Deals
Adult (13-64) $178 $139 $379
Child (6-12) $115 $99 $249
Seniors (65+) $138 $129 $329


Copper Mountain Discount Lift Tickets

Colorado Ski Authority has a deal with Liftopia, who is Colorado’s largest provider of discount Copper Mountain lift tickets. You will get the very cheapest deals by using our discount code–which is already embedded when you click through from this page. There are also discount Copper Mountain lift tickets available before the season starts, if you’re a planner. But remember that you can get even better deals if you can package your lodging together with your ski passes. You probably aren’t new to the bundling concept, but if you look for the deals that combine ski passes and lodging you will find them.

Half Day Copper Mountain Lift Ticket Deals

As of right now, Copper half day lift tickets are $134. These aren’t always offered at Copper, but if you are looking for half day prices, a good rule of thumb is about $25-$35 off the full day price or typically well above what you would consider to be a bargain. Half day passes are just tiny discounts to ski less than half the day. Sometimes this is what you need because you arrived late, but don’t ever plan to buy these as a way to save. Half day lift tickets aren’t great deals. And it’s the same deal everywhere, not just Copper Mountain.


Prices for Copper Mountain 4 packs are $189. They will only be available to buy IN PERSON at the locations listed on that link until December 11-ish, 2018. This is a local’s deal, but if you can make it out to CO during this window, you can ski one of our great mountains for super cheap.

For some details, these are $189 for four (4) days–with no blackout dates. Or, for those out there who struggle at math, $47.25/day. But wait, THERE’S MORE! In addition to this, you can buy four (4) additional days for friends or family (or keep them yourself) at $69-89 per day (depending on time of season). Plus 10% off Copper owned food and drinks, 20% off at Solitude Station and Woodward at Copper lessons. 50% off Tubing Walk-up Sessions, and then 10% off merchandise, rentals, demo rentals, and tunings. It’s just really ridiculous. But they go on sale early, and they are only on sale with Christy Sports and a few other places. Do we need to say more to convince you that Copper Four Packs are the way to go?

Okay, so we will say a little more. If you live outside of Colorado, here is a map of the Christy Sports locations. Let’s say you have a family of four and you are coming out for a four day vacation. And you are smart enough to buy through us, and you get two adult passes for $752 (2 x $376), and $492 (2 x $246) for your children. You’re staring at $1,244 just for the Copper lift tickets, and mind you, those are the cheapest available online. 4 – 4 Packs will cost $756, for a savings of $488. As long as you don’t live too far away, you can make a little weekend road trip and still get under this price. Sure, that’s a lot of hustle, but if you like to save, that’s where it’s at.

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Copper Mountain Lift Tickets
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