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Copper Mountain Ski Rental Deals and Discounts

One of the many great things about Copper Mountain is that it is so close to so many resorts (Breck, Keystone, Vail, Breaver Creek, ABasin) and so many towns that feed the resorts (Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne) that you are never more than a ski pole away from any rental shop. But we have our favorite Copper Mountain ski rental locations, and we have our reasons why. First, though, listed below are some of the places that we recommend, their locations, and the discounts you will get by coming from our site.

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Christy Sports Ski and Snowboard Rentals – 20% Discount

You can find Copper Mountain gear rental packages for all ability levels at Christy Sports. You can even choose to rent skis or board only (No boots included). Christy Sports can be a great option for someone on vacation at Copper Mountain who just wants to try out different types of equipment. Receive 20% off by booking online through the link below. The Christy Copper location can be found at the bottom of the Super Bee chairlift in the East Village. Here is the address: 104 Wheeler Place, Copper Mountain, CO, 80443


Breeze Ski Rentals

Breeze Copper Mountain Ski Rentals – 20% Discount

Skiers and snowboarders can rent their equipment online from Breeze and pick it up upon arrival at the base of Copper Mountain (same as Christy Sports). There are Breeze store locations at the Copper Mtn base area as well as throughout Summit County. Ski, snowboard, and helmet rentals are all available here. Top rental brands that you will find at Breeze stores includes Salmon, K2, and Burton. Here is the Copper Mountain Breeze address: Square 0760 Copper Rd., Copper Mountain, CO 80443


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Peak Sports/ – 20% Discount

The Peak Sports Copper Mountain rental shop is located near the base of the Copper Mountain Ski Resort. You can walk to this gear shop from any of the Ski Lodges at Center Village. All online ski rentals for the Peak Sports shop are done through This website can be accessed through the link below. The live store is at Copper Junction 230 10 Mile Circle, Copper Mountain, CO 80443.


More Copper Ski Rentals

The Copper Mountain rental shops listed above are just the ones where we have a relationship and a discount for our users. There are other shops in or close to Copper that are also good, we have just never used them so we can give you our impression.

Door to Door Ski & Snowboard Rental Delivery – 104 Wheeler Drive Unit B Copper Mountain, CO, 80443.

Their name says it all. They are a division of Christy Sports, so we are sure they are good. The ski and snowboard rental equipment delivery model is really becoming popular with these always on-the-go families, and this is a great option in Copper.

Rebel Sports – 214 Ten Mile Circle Copper Mountain, CO 80443.

A local shop that we’ve heard does good work, but have never used them before. You should call ahead and see what their prices and discounts are like compared to the other places above. Better still, find out how close they are to the hill. If boots are too tight or something breaks, you don’t want to get back in your car to get it fixed.

Advice on Copper Mountain Rentals

We get asked a lot fo the same questions year after year, and sometimes we don’t get asked the right ones. So here is some of the best wisdom dropped and questions answered.

The Insurance Debate. It’s not strong up here. We aren’t all just laughing at the out-of-town suckers insuring their skis. Well, maybe some of us. This is how I like to frame the question: Would having to pay for them ruin your ski trip? Would Dad be so mad that he couldn’t talk to anyone for a few hours? If the answer is yes, get the $3/day insurance. If not, spin that wheel.

Good Boots Can Make or Break Your Experience. Not only will good boots give you more ability on the snow, but they are also more comfortable and it is just hard to put a value on how terrible skiing can be in uncomfortable boots. So opt for the premium package, if only to get those sweet, sweet boots. Even if you are a Level 1 ability, they will give you slower skis and better boots. It’ll change your life.

Which Piece of Ski Equipment Should I Buy? In order: Helmet, Boots, Skis, Poles. Here’s why. You can get a decent helmet for $40 and a good one for $80. It’s paid for in a couple ski trips. And they charge as much as $11/day in some places for this. It’s just such an easy investment that doesn’t take up much car space.

Boots, just as mentioned above, will change your life and there are so many levels of boots. You can get into a solid pair for $300 and on up to $800 if you want to really go get it. These take way longer to reach the break even point, but the improvement in skiing and ski experience is not subtle.

Skis and boards are sort of the final frontier, and they thrust you right into awkward storing space and transportability. Like boots, you can get in pretty cheap with post-season deals or go straight into really expensive decks that make everyone jealous.

Poles are just poles. The difference between the best and the worst ain’t much. Owning them barely makes a difference in the cost reduction to your rental bill, so might as well save your money until you have the whole set.

Copper Mountain Gear Questions

When is the best time to buy snowboarding equipment in Copper Mountain? – If you’re wondering about peak savings and when the flip from last year’s gear to this year’s happens, we have some answers.

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