Coors Field

Coors Field Visitor Information

Stadium Tours for Visitors

Fans can tour the Rockies’ stadium any day of the week during the regular baseball season. During the off-season you will need to schedule a private tour of the stadium (See below).

You can see some of the stops that are included on a regular stadium tour…

Private tours are available to the public. If you have a group of 25+ people you will need to schedule a private stadium tour at least 3 weeks in advance.

Coors Field Stats

Here are some of the Coors Field dimensions and measurements…


Coors Field Parking

There are almost 4,000 paid parking spots in the area directly surrounding Coors Field. The cost for stadium parking is just above $10 if you want to park directly adjacent to the stadium. There are several paid parking lots within a 5-10 minute walk that will range from about $4 to $7 for the night.

Coors Field FAQ

Can fans stand near the field and ask for autographs before a Rockies game?

Yes, fans may stand in designated sections up to 40 minutes before game time. If batting practice ends sooner, fans will be asked to leave the area at that point.

May I film or take pictures during a game at Coors Field?

You are allowed to bring a small video camera onto the premises but you are not allowed to film any of the game action. You may bring a still camera with you to a Rockies game, but you are asked not to use a flash or tripod.

What is the name of the Rockies’ Mascot?

His name is Dinger and he is a purple triceratops.

Can I smoke at a Colorado Rockies game?

Only in designated areas (Not in your seats).

What are the best private luxury boxes for viewing the baseball game?

There are several options at different price levels for fans/groups who want a unique game viewing experience at Coors Field. The Warning Track Party Room is located just beyond the outfield fence and this provides a field-level view of the baseball game action. These are considered to be some of the best seats in the house.

What is the elevation at Coors Field, and does this effect the gameplay?

There is a row of seats in this stadium that is colored purple. This denotes the 5,280 feet level (One mile high). The stadium has thinner air because of the elevation. This causes the ball to travel farther through the air and also results in more homeruns being hit in this ballpark. Certain types of pitches can also have their effectiveness reduced in the thin air. This means that a curve ball or a knuckle ball will not move as much as it might in a city like New York.

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