Discount Ski Goggles and Snowboard Goggles

We are going to give it to you straight. There are literally hundreds of discount ski goggles on the market right now. If you toss in previous year’s models, there could be BILLIONS! Maybe not that much. One thing is for certain: you aren’t likely to show up to the mountain wearing the same pair as someone else. Yet, this much choice can create a little paralysis at checkout. But we are hear to help you.

First, here is our list of preferred ski and snowboarding goggles makers. There are others around, but these are the ones for which we have had direct experience. 









Shred Optics





Which Ski Goggles Should You Buy?

Glad you asked. About 10 years ago, the goggles market became a lot more vibrant and has created better quality for sure, but also more goggles that look like quality. In addition, if you are buying for your kids–no matter what age–you want these goggles to be good enough to ski and bike and snowmobile and heli-chute and whatever else kids wear goggs for these days. And you want all of this at a smart price that won’t go out of style before next season. I think I covered everything.

While we can’t advise you on style, we want to pass along some advice that we use ourselves: You want to buy the least expensive, most expensive goggles if you are looking for pure value. 

What does that mean? Fair point. What we mean is you need to get up into the range of price where you are into the expensive goggles, but you want to look for their cheapest models. You are looking for the least expensive model in the group of the most expensive brands, to say it a little better. The goggle makers that we have listed above all qualify. If you go after them, you need not worry that they won’t be quality enough. The goggle market is so fierce that no one can get away with making a crappy paid that fogs up or scratches or otherwise comes apart. They wouldn’t survive. 

Women’s Ski Goggles

Kids Ski Goggles

Asian Fit Goggles

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