Gravity Photochromic

Discount Bolle Gravity Photochromic Goggles – $107.97


The Bolle Gravity Photochromic Goggles are essentially a duplicate of the original Gravity goggle, along with the ability to change for various sunny and cloudy conditions. You’ll find these listed for medium to large face size, but it’s best to err on the side of medium. Those with oversized heads are likely to find these are a bit too snug. Still, if these are the right fit for you, the adapt-to-any-lighting condition is a pretty nifty feature, especially for skiers who like to hit the slopes no matter the weather or time of day. These goggles include the Bolle Flow-Tech vents hinged straps for helmet compatibility.

Goggle Specs

Frame Material: Polyurethane

Helmet Compatible: Yes

Eyeglass Compatible: No

Ventilation: Flow-Tech

Size: Medium to large face

Recommended For: Skiing

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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Bolle Gravity Goggles - Photochromic