EGB2 w/Bonus Lens

Discount Electric EGB2 Goggles with Bonus Lens – $111.96


The Electric EGB2 Goggles with bonus lens is an industry-leader for a cylindrical lens with a wide field of vision. Minor peripheral distortions are rarely an issue so long as the goggle offers a clear and glare-resistant view. The EGB2 accomplishes this with an anti-glare coating and light-absorbent frame paint. Fog-free performance is also assured with the edge venting, lens coating, and pressure valve. The ergonomic frame and triple-layer foam creates a great fit, especially for medium to large faces. The adjustable strap makes this goggle instantly compatible with your chosen headgear, while a microfiber bag and scratch resistance adds an extra measure of durability.

Goggle Specs

Lens: Polycarbonate, cylindrical

Frame: thermoplastic urethane

Polarized/Photochromic Lens: No

Ventilation: Yes

Helmet Compatible: Yes

Size: Medium to large face

Recommended For: Skiing, snowboarding

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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Electric EGB2 Goggles with Bonus Lens
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