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The Giro Women’s Field Goggles start with unsurpassed viewing performance. A sturdy dual-assembly frame offers Expansion View technology so you can see more of what’s up ahead. A spherical lens minimizes any peripheral distortion that can appear with a cylindrical construction. Interior room and anti-fog coating maintain a clear view in nearly any conditions, despite limited ventilation. Designed specifically for a women’s size medium, the triple-layer foam and microfleece ensure a perfect fit, not too constricted, not too loose. Know that the goggle strap provides adequate compatibility with many helmets on the market, but the best match is with a Giro helmet.

Goggle Specs

Lens: Dual construction, spherical

Frame: polyurethane, expanded view

Helmet Compatible: Limited

Ventilation: Anti-fog coating

Face Size: Medium

Recommended For: Skiing, snowboarding

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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Giro Field Goggles - Women's