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Discount Marker Big Picture Goggles – $96.71 – 25% Off


With a huge, spherical lens, the Marker Big Picture Goggles offer a super-wide field of vision and distortion-free viewing thanks to its huge, spherical lens. A Super Fit frame design and triple-layer foam provide snug comfort for large faces. This goggle also has Marker’s specialized ventilation and advanced coating treatment. There is no reason to worry about scratches, blemishes, or lens fogging. Meanwhile, a silicone strap adds sound helmet compatibility. About the only downside is the lack of polarization or a quick-swap lens mechanism. But if you’re looking for top-end viewing performance and your light sensitivity and alpine habits don’t require constant adjustments from your goggles, this is a great choice.

Goggle Specs

Lens: Binomic construction, spherical

Frame: Polyurethane, Super Fit

Vents: MarkAir channels

Helmet Compatible: Yes

Face Size: Large

Recommended For: Skiing, snowboarding

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Marker Big Picture Goggles
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