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The Shred Optics Monocle goggles provide one of the largest viewing areas available today and at an affordable price. A cylindrical lens shape does create very minor distortions on the periphery. On the other hand, distorted peripherals are better than a frame-obstructed view. Plus, powerful coating treatments, and warp-resistant valve and filter technology mean these goggles can withstand pretty much anything, even with some age on them. In other words, if you don’t need professional-level visual accuracy, but you are looking for a wide-angle goggle that performs dependably in any and all conditions, this is a great choice. Other features for the Monocle include edge ventilation and a helmet-compatible design with a high-grip strap.

Goggle Specs

Frame: Polyurethane

Lens: Polycarbonate, cylindrical

Vents: Yes

Helmet Compatible: Yes

Face Size: Large

Recommended For: Skiing, snowboarding

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Shred Optics Monocle Goggles