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The Spy Trevor Goggles are a no-frills choice that delivers dependable performance over time. A strong polycarbonate lens is coated with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments. Still, several top vents ensure fog-free viewing as you come down the mountain. If there’s one thing the Trevor refuses to compromise on, it’s the fit. A perfect medium is backed by the snug comfort of a flexible frame for better pressure distribution, as well as triple-layer face foam and moisture-wicking fleece. This is the type of goggle skiers and snowboarders like to keep around even after they’ve splurged on a fancier model. Finally, a silicone strap provides compatibility with most helmets.

Goggle Specs

Frame: Polyurethane

Lens: Polycarbonate, cylindrical

Vents: Yes

Helmet Compatible: Yes

Face Size: Medium

Recommended For: Skiing, snowboarding

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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Spy Trevor Goggles
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