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What Type of Ski is the Armada JJ?

This ski is designed for skiing in deep powder and it’s a great ski for backcountry jibbing. The tip and tail of the ski both have a rocker design (Elf Shoe) which means that there is an early rise on both ends. This lets the ski float through powder much easier and allows for greater versatility while skiing in deep powder.

The Armada JJ also has a reverse sidecut near the tip and tail. This feature is designed to allow for better turn initiation and less catchiness in the tip and tail.

Will This Work as an All Mountain Ski?

This certainly is not a ski for hard icy days on the mountain, but some skiers are claiming that it is acceptable for getting around. The ski is a little bit too wide to function as a true all mountain ski, but the design gives it better maneuverability than other similar powder skis. The JJ is 115 mm under foot so this is not a great ski to take into the terrain park. However, it is one of the highest rated skis for park skiers who are heading into the backcountry because of it’s rocker/twin tip design. Armada is also making an “AK JJ” model for the 2012-2013 season that you should be sure to check out through the link below.

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