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Keystone Lift Ticket Deals 2019-2020 Ski Season

Keystone lift ticket prices in the list below are valid for 2019-2020 ski season at Keystone. Ticket prices below are based upon single-day lift ticket prices that are purchased in advance online. Just use the below numbers as a way to get oriented on pricing. There will always be fluctuation depending on a number of factors. If you wait to purchase tickets at the window, they will be much, much higher. Believe.

You can also buy lift tickets that are valid at Keystone/Breckenridge, but they are more expensive. We have included them in the grid because we are super helpful. The short answer here is that Breck tickets are more expensive than Keystone. So you can combine them if for some reason it is easier for you, but you will be overpaying for your time at Keystone. So don’t do this. You are too smart.

Keystone Discount Lift Tickets

The way to get the best deals is to book online at least 7 days in advance. As with all the Vail owned ski resorts, finding discounted lift tickets for Keystone can be prove difficult. And this year has been the worst to date.

Ticket Category Regular Season Ski Rental Deals
Adults $169
Kids $98
Seniors $159

3-Day Keystone Ski Passes

These Keystone ski lift ticket prices are for 3-day Keystone ski passes at the lift ticket window. The 3-day lift tickets that allow you to ski Breckenridge and Keystone instead of A-Basin are slightly more expensive. Note. The window prices are not much higher than last year. Or rather, they haven’t gone up as much as they do typically, year to year. However, the online price for buying in advance is WAY higher than last year.

Ticket Category Regular Season Ski Rental Deals
Adults $492
Kids $285
Seniors $462

If you find cheaper Keystone lift tickets elsewhere, come tell us. We want in on that deal! But there is more to getting the best price than just booking with us. You have to know some of the tricks.

First Trick. Always buy tickets in advance online. And by advance, we mean at least a week out. And by online we mean with us. You don’t have to buy from us, but you will spend more money elsewhere. Just a heads up. But if for whatever reason you don’t like us, please oh please buy online. We probably don’t need to tell you why online is better, but just in case it’s because you can see the actual prices in front of you from every carrier. If you just go to the ticket window, one price. No way to compare.

Second Trick. There is really only the one trick. Everything else is just trying to get the best deal among the worst deals available. But in case you aren’t a planner or just decided at the last minute to take a trip, here is a little help for you.

The Grocery Store Hustle

If you get all the way to Denver and don’t have your Keystone ski passes yet, then stop by King Soopers in Lakewood. If you hit the exit to Colorado Mills on I-70, you have gone about 1 mile too far. At King Soopers, they will have some Keystone discount lift tickets. If they aren’t sold out, know that they aren’t great–maybe $2-$3 off per day. Not nothing, but real close to nothing. If you wait and try to buy them up in Dillon or Breck, they are likely to be out.

There is also a similar deal at Safeway, and there is a Safeway discount in Frisco, but it might not even be this good.


Keystone Night Skiing

Remember that Keystone has night skiing and it’s flippin amazing. So keep in mind that a ski pass here–at any price–will offer you more hours per day of skiing than any other resort. So plan your stay with this in mind. While you should always try to hustle for the best discounts on Keystone Lift Tickets, if you don’t find them, you will still get more skiing out of your pass here than anywhere else in this great state.

Keystone Multi-Day Lift Ticket Advice

You can buy a 14-day adult ski pass for more than $1,000 during the peak season. Or… you can just purchase an Epic pass for about $700. This is a season pass that is valid at Keystone, Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin, Vail, Beaver Creek and Heavenly with no blackout dates at any of these resorts. Everyone who lives in Colorado who skis or boards buys an Epic pass. You really only have to ski six times in a season to pay for it. So if you are planning a trip to ski or ride for more than 6 days, pick up an Epic Pass. You won’t be sorry.

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