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Keystone Ski Rental Deals

Keystone is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Colorado for about a million reasons, chief among them the neverending trails and night skiing. But you need some gear to get down the hill, and you have come to the right place to save money on your Keystone ski rental while also locking down some of the best gear out there.

Let’s get down to it.

Discounts on Ski Rentals in Keystone

keystone ski rentals

Christy Sports – 20% Discount

Christy Sports has store locations throughout the greater Keystone area (and the rest of Colorado). You will find stores in the River Run Village right at the base of the Keystone Ski Resort. There are also store locations in Silverthorne, Dillon and Breckenridge. Save 20% on your ski and snowboard rentals by booking online!


Breeze Ski Rentals

Breeze Ski Rentals – 20% Discount

This rental equipment store is located inside of the Gateway Lodge. If you are traveling to Keystone on vacation, you can rent your ski equipment, snowboard equipment, and helmets here. If you pickup your equipment after 3pm you will not be charged for the day. Rent online through the link below and pickup your equipment when you arrive in Keystone.


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Keystone Sports/ – 20% Discount

There are 3 Keystone Sports locations where you can rent skis at the base of the mountain. You’ll find one location right at the base of the River Run Gondola, a second is located just across the bridge that is near the gondola. There is also a third ski rental location at the bottom of the Peru Express lift (Mountain House base area). All online reservations for Keystone Sports are made through


Keystone Skiing Guide


Below is an up-to-date list of all the Keystone ski rental shops that we would consider to be close to Keystone and worth a visit. There may be others that we have overlooked, so please let us know if you should be listed here. Most ski rental shops are open every day, typically from 800a to 5/600p, but check with them before trusting us. Never trust us. Mmwhauhaha.

Christy Sports – Keystone River Run Village – 219 River Run Rd A1 Keystone, CO

Christy Sports – Keystone/Snake River – 23080 U.S. 6 Keystone, CO

Breeze – Keystone – 23110 US Hwy 6 #134, Keystone, CO

Rentskis – River Run Rentals – 316 River Run Rd. Keystone, CO

Rentskis – River Run Sports – 0129 River Run Rd. Keystone, CO

Rentskis – Mountain House – 1195 Keystone Rd. Keystone, CO 80435

Door 2 Door Ski Delivery – River Run Village – 219 River Run Rd Unit C

Mountain View Sports – 22869 US Hwy 6, Suite 108, Keystone, CO

NorSki Sport – River Run Village – 70 River Run Road, Keystone, CO


Breeze Antlers – Frisco – 908 North Summit Blvd. Frisco, CO. 80443


Breeze – Mountain Sports Outlet – 167 Meraly Way, Silverthorne, CO

Virgin Islands Ski Rentals – 241 Summit Place, Silverthorne, CO

Blue Valley Ski & Board – 191 Blue River Parkway, Silverthorne, CO


Columbine Ski & Sport – 149 Tenderfoot Drive, Dillon, Colorado

Keystone Ski Rental Wisdom

I’m so weird that I hardly understand people anymore, nor they me, so I don’t just want to pass along my sweet advice that works for how I see the world because you just might not see things that way. Instead, I’m going to toss out as many of my snowflakes of wisdom and hopefully you will find some parity with my perspective.

Should I get the damage waiver? We say yes. It’s usually $2-$3/person/day. While there probably isn’t an insurance underwriter in the world who would, you should because it’s a cheap price to pay to remove a lot of hassle from your trip. The chances that you would damage rented skis is small. The chances that having to pay for a set of skis will put a dark cloud on your trip is quite large. I say take it.

Where NOT to rent skis for Keystone? There are a couple answers to this question, and they are going to trick you a little. First, don’t rent boards and skis close to the slopes without booking online first (see above). The closer you are to the lifts, the more you are going to pay. However, if you book online in advance, which you should, then choose the CLOSEST place to the slopes. If your boots are too tight or you break a binding or pole, you need to be able to ski down and walk to the store. You don’t want to walk a mile or have to get in your car. So rent close, but book online in advance.

Go Big on boots. Boots are truly the most important part of your rental equipment. They have to be really snug so that you have good control over your skis, and the more expensive package will have better boots that are more comfortable. If you’ve never been skiing before, ask anyone how important boots are. They’ll agree with me.

Poles and Helmets are the biggest waste of money. Unfortunately, having your own poles isn’t that much help. I’m not sure that you even get a break if you have your own. Poles are cheap and the gap between the best poles and the worst is very small, but they are necessary. Helmets, however, are very expensive between $8-$12/day to rent. You can buy a new one for $40 and a great one for $120. You don’t have to ski too many times to make this purchase work for you. Plus, you don’t want someone else’s head sweat all up in your game. Gross.

How to carry skis. We watch gapers do this in about a million ways, most of them wrong. Just keep it simple. Stack your skis and put them on your shoulder. If you have shoes, strap yoru boots together with the velcro strap and throw those over the other shoulder. Ski poles in your hand. If you have a woman, carry her skis and give her your poles. If you are doing anything else, you may get laughed at, but I could care less if people laugh at me, so you shouldn’t either. But you should care that you are doing it wrong, especially after I just told you how.

Keystone Ski Rentals