Idaho Springs

Idaho Springs Ski Rentals

Let me get two things out of the way right from the start. When we talk about Idaho Springs ski rentals or any other area, we mean skis, snowboards, boots, poles, helmets, etc. We don’t say “snowboards” all the time because it’s clunky. “Ski rentals” is the collective. Second, yes there are places to rent skis in Idaho Springs, which is Exit 240 on I-70. There are two places to rent in this little mountain town:

Exit 240 Ski & Bike Rental

Maison De Ski, Inc.

Idaho Springs is such a small town that if you miss them, just turn around and drive about 4 blocks. They are both quality spots if this is where you want to rent skis, but there are tons of other places to rent skis that have a better selection and prices. Plus, if they are out of what you need, then you have to drive into a resort town and pay resort prices and stand in resort lines. So unless you call ahead and are certain they have what you need, try something closer to Denver or closer to the resorts. You will pay a bit extra at the resorts, and stand in the aforementioned line, possibly, but they will have way more and better gear.

Bottom Line: You can rent skis in Idaho Springs as a backup, but it’s not the best place in Colorado to rent ski gear.

What to Eat While you’re here

There are two places to eat in Idaho Springs that we would recommend. The first is Beau Jos. It’s a Colorado institution. You might not know that Colorado has it’s own style of pizza, but we do and this is a good representation of it. They have a buffet at lunch. It’s solid and cheap.

The second is Two Brother’s Deli. Great deli with soups and homemade sandies and plenty of food for $11. They even have a yoga studio in back because it’s a Colorado law. I think.

Dumont Ski Rentals

If you travel another five miles up I-70, you will run into Dumont, which also has ski rentals. In fact, there is a Breeze Ski Rental Shop there, and we have a discount with them if you follow that link.

Dumont is pretty much the last stop in either direction before you start hitting ski resorts, because the turn up Highway 40–which leads to Winter Park, Granby Ranch, and Steamboat is just after Dumont. So Breeze cleverly posted a ski rental in Dumont for anyone who forgot to rent gear before getting to any of the many resorts that lie ahead.

Again, same story as with Idaho Springs, this is great in a pinch, but there are so many other places you could buy that either have more stock, better quality, cheaper prices, or a combination of those. You’ll see when you get here. It’s a roadside stop and it won’t feel like ski country at all. It’ll feel like a truckstop, and that’s just not where we like to do our renting. But if you do, by all means.

Ski Rentals Idaho Springs