TripAdvisor Rating:4.0

Address: 016 Kerns Rd, Snowmass Village, CO

Hours: 11a-9p


Taster’s is a laid back restaurant providing a little bit of everything to enjoy. Salads, soups, pizzas, sandwiches and many other entrees are offered on the menu. The staff is inviting, and will answer all of your questions if you’re new to the area and just there for the slopes. Recommended by the residents of the area, Taster’s is known for their value, great service and delicious food. Offering an expansive menu with much to choose from, and delivery to your home, resort, hotel or lodge. It can be a quick dinner or lunch for everyone that impresses. Always served fresh, hot and delicious, get delivery, take out, or dine in.

What They’re Known for: Their exceptionally large helpings that are served to each table. It is quite easy to share with a friend or two when ordering for just one. The price is right with each of the meals, allowing you to get different dishes and share with everyone in your group for an affordable total overall that will leave everyone satisfied.

What to Watch for: Since the dishes are made to order with everything that you order off the menu, the wait time can be a bit longer than expected. This might be a rule-out for lunch, but for dinner, it’s usually worth the wait. Chances are you’ll want to come back and wait that extra few minutes to get the hot, made to order and delicious food again.

Price: $5-$20+

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