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Snowmass Terrain Park Guide

snowmass terrain park

The Snowmass Ski Resort has 3 terrain parks that are designed for intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders. All of these terrain parks are quickly accessible from the Snowmass Village base area.

Large Park and Superpipe

The largest and most difficult terrain park is the Snowmass Park and Superpipe. This park is located below the Coney Glade Lift – this chairlift ascends the length of the terrain park and is used by skiers and riders who are spending the day in the park. This terrain park can also be accessed by taking the Village Express chairlift from the base area of the mountain.

The top section of this park consists of various jibs, bonks, and rails. The superpipe and large jump line are located in the lower section of this terrain park. You can see several photos of the large terrain park and superpipe in the photo gallery towards the bottom of this page.

Small to Medium-Size Terrain Parks

The Little Makaha Terrain Park can be found below the Elk Camp Gondola. The jumps in this park fall between the beginner and intermediate jump sizes. Cautious skiers and riders can easily judge this terrain from the Assay Hill ski trail which runs beside the Makaha park. There are also some slide boxes and rails here.

The Lowdown Park is located below the Village Express chairlift; above the Snowmass Village Mall. This terrain park consists of a few small jumps, and a sized-down halfpipe that is designed for beginner and intermediate skiers. The halfpipe walls measure 12 feet in height.

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