Mid-Mountain Restaurants

Eat on the Mountain at Steamboat

There is more than one great place to eat lunch on the ski mountain here. The most easily accessible restaurant at Steamboat is the Thunderhead Mountain Lodge. The Thunderhead Lodge is located at the top of the Steamboat Gondola.

The Rendezvous Saddle restaurant and the Four Points Hut are also popular places to eat lunch at Steamboat. Both of these lodges are located on the front-side of the ski mountain.

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Thunderhead Restaurant | Steamboat

You will find this restaurant at the top of the gondola. Here you will find an outdoor seating area, and a large food court that has food for all tastes. Hot breakfast and lunch are served here daily. This facility is available for weddings during the summer and this restaurant provides a spectacular view of Steamboat Springs and the surrounding area.

You can see the Thunderhead building in the photo to the right.

Rendezvous Saddle Restaurant

This restaurant is located near the bottom of Sunshine Peak. This is the best place to eat lunch if you are on this area of the ski mountain. The lodge/restaurant is easily accessible and you will find a wide variety of hot food and snacks here. There is an outdoor picnic area that has a hot grill and food in the spring time.

How can you get to the Rendezvous Saddle restaurant? You can take the Sundown Express Lift or the Priest Creek Express Lift. You can also access this area from any of the Stormy Peak ski lifts including the Morningside Lift.

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Steamboat On-Mountain Dining FAQ

Where is the cheapest place to eat lunch at Steamboat?

If you want to save money, we suggest packing a small lunch that you can eat at one of the mountain lodges discussed above.

If you are meeting your family for lunch, the Thunderhead Restaurant at the top of the gondola is one of the best places to meet. You will find a wide variety of food here for adults and children.

Can I eat at the top of Storm Peak?

No, the building here is a dedicated weather station and it does not allow the public inside.

Can beginner-level skiers access the Rendezvous Restaurant?

Yes, this lodge is located at the bottom of Sunshine Peak and the trails leading to this area are mostly blue/green level ski trails.

Are there any restaurants at the base of the ski mountain?

Yes, there are lunch and dining options available in all price ranges at the base of the ski area. You will find more than 20 options within a 5 minute walk of the Steamboat Gondola.

Mid-Mountain Restaurants