Sunlight Mountain Shuttles

Shuttle service to Sunlight Mountain resort implies that you are coming from somewhere in Glenwood Springs. This is the closest location with the most lodging. If you are looking for roundtrip transporation from Aspen or Grand Junction, you’ll need to look beyond this page as we are only capable of so much.

The only standard shuttle to Sunlight Mountain is owned by the resort, and it is great. For only $5 each way, you can be picked up from pretty much any hotel in Glenwood Springs, any day of the week. You will need to call make arrangements here: 970.945.7491. This shuttle will get you to the mountain by 900a, no matter where you are picked up. The Sunlight Shuttle leaves the mountain at 420p. No jokes. The overflow weekend shuttles arrive at the mountain around 1100a, and leave for Glenwood at 245p and 420p.

The Sunlight Mountain Resort Shuttle runs in a regular loop around the city, when they are several stops to make, so depending on which hotel you are coming from it could be an hour door-to-door or 25 minutes. Such is life.

Regular Sunlight Shuttle Schedule

AmericInn – 8:00am
Ramada Inn – 8:05am
Glenwood Canyon Resort (By Request) – 8:10am
Hot Springs Lodge – 8:15am
Sunlight Downtown Shop / Hotel Denver  – 8:25am
Cedar Lodge (By request)  – 8:30am
Glenwood Park  – 8:35am
Arrive at Sunlight Mountain Resort  – 9:00am

Weekend Overflow Sunlight Shuttles

AmericInn – 10:00am
Ramada Inn – 10:05am
Glenwood Canyon Resort – 10:10am
Hot Springs Lodge – 10:15am
Sunlight Downtown Ski Shop – 10:25am
Cedar Lodge – 10:30am
Glenwood Park – 10:35am

Book ahead

No matter what anyone says (even our own list), remember to book ahead. Call someone and make sure. You don’t want to miss a day of skiing. And if you are planning on heading to Sunlight Mountain quite a bit, you can get an unlimited season pass for $85. Ski for nine days and you are saving money.

Or if you would like to get together with someone local for rides, try this site:

Sunlight Shuttles