Brown Dog Pizza

Brown Dog Pizza

TripAdvisor Rating:4.5

Address: 110 E. Colorado Ave, Telluride (between Pine and Willow St.)

Hours: 11a-10p daily


Brown Dog Pizza is a place where the whole family can enjoy one of American’s top favorite comfort foods, pizza. And the Brown Dog is no one-trick pony. It offers both New York- and Chicago-style pizzas. Their Classic American round pizza is available in different styles such as Gluten-Free Roman, Detroit Square, Gluten-Free Detroit Square and Brooklyn Sicilian.

The menu is rounded out by a selection of salads, pastas, subs, wings, burgers, and desserts. This also includes a number of daily specials and beers on tap. If pizza isn’t your thing or if you’re just in the mood for something different, this place also has a great cheesesteak sub.

What They’re Known for: Their world-famous pizza. In fact, their pizza was even referred to as the “World’s Best Pizza,” earning First Place at the International Pizza Expo 2013. But which one to choose? Their 3-1-1 Detroit Style Pizza is considered as one of the best pizzas on the menu.

What to Watch for: Sports fans. For some, it’s twice the fun, but if you unexpectedly run into a major sporting event, the vibe is likely to be dominated by this crowd. Also on the pro vs. con list, while the Brown Dog isn’t marketed as a “homer” bar and is best known locally for its pizza, one of the owners is an unabashed fan of New England sports teams. Or, for collegiate sports, the other owner played football for the University of Michigan. So, you might find a little piece of home in Telluride. Or another option during game day: takeout/delivery.

Price: $10-$20

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Brown Dog Pizza