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Discount Vail Lift Ticket Prices & Pass Info 2019-2020

Vail lift tickets are valid at the Vail and Beaver Creek ski resorts. All of the prices listed below are valid for lift tickets purchased in advance online during the 2019-2020 regular ski season. Passes are often less expensive in the early and late season, which will typically be from open to around December 20 and then after about March 21, give or take.

Children under the age of 5 ski for free at Vail. Multi-day Discount Vail lift tickets are also available to skiers and snowboarders. You can see 4-day ski pass prices lower on the page. Vail ski passes can also be purchased on-site at the lift ticket windows; located at the Golden Peak, Vail Village, and Lionshead base areas. We don’t recommend that you do this, as you will pay the highest possible price for tickets. Pro tip. Always buy in advance.

Ticket Category Holiday Season Regular Season Ski Rental Deals
Adults $209 $209
Kids $144 $144
Seniors $199 $199

Discount Vail Lift Tickets

The most common ski vacation length is four days. If you are smart, and we think you are, you will buy a 3-day lift ticket instead of trying to buy a new pass each day at the ticket window. 3-day Vail lift tickets will save you money by volume and especially if you order in advance online. These passes can be used on any 3 days out of a 6-day period.

Other multi-day Vail ski passes are also available, but typically after five (5) days, the discounts flatten. We don’t mention this to discourage you, because you should buy one pass that covers all of your day. Just don’t be disappointed when the savings aren’t that deep. Multi-day passes usually have a few off days built into them, such as the 4 of 6 day 4-day pass. You don’t have to take them, but sometimes it’s nice to have a day off and soak in the hot tub. Below are the window rates at Vail for four day passes during the regular season. Just stunning.

Ticket Category 3-Day Regular Season Ski Rental Deals
Adults (ages 13-64) $597
Children (ages 5-12) $411
Senior (ages 65+) $567

Vail Half Day Lift Tickets

Look, there are good reasons to buy half day lift tickets to Vail, and there are bad reasons. Most of them are bad. Last season, Vail lift tickets averaged $215/day. Vail half day lift tickets were $165. Worse still, they go on sale at 1230, so you only have 3.5 hours to ski for $155. Not a great deal. So unless you show up in Vail without a ticket at 1230, then don’t wait to go skiing. You will save $50 waiting a few extra minutes, but you will also cost yourself time to ski. Just get out there and start skiing. If you are skiing in Vail, saving $50 probably isn’t going to make one bit of difference.

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