Larkspur Restaurant & Market

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0

Address: 458 Vail Valley Drive, Ste. A, Vail

Hours: 8a–midnight


The Larkspur Restaurant and Market is a change from the traditional restaurant scene. When you come here, you will delve into a fancy dining experience with the feel of a large social event. Everyone from the staff to the guests are friendly and accommodating. Upon first glance, the décor inside the restaurant is upscale and adds a classy look to the place. The tables are lit with candles for a romantic and relaxing experience. The food at Larkspur Restaurant & Market is nothing short of delicious and exquisite. The kitchen staff and chefs only utilize the freshest and best ingredients available.

What They’re Known for: Their food. The locals love the truffle parmesan fries that Larkspur Restaurant & Market has to offer. The fries are cooked to a golden brown and then tossed in delicious truffle oil with a generous topping of parmesan. Be careful though because you may be tempted to order more than one serving of the fries. Another great selection is the mushroom royale pizza which comes with leeks and a lemon and truffle dressing.

What to Watch for: Your wallet and knowing what you’re walking into. The prices on the menu are in line with elegant and upscale establishments. Although there are some reasonably priced items, you can reasonably expect to pay $20 or more per dinner entrée per person. In addition to the prices, the atmosphere is classy and not casual so it is important to make note of that. Everything from the décor to the food has a ritzy feel to it. A great way to impress someone who needs—or maybe just deserves—to be impressed.

Price: $10-$45

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Larkspur Restaurant & Market