Da Vinci

Da Vinci

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5

Address: 65 Cooper Creek Square, Winter Park (2nd floor, next to Silver Mountain Jewelry)

Hours: 11a-10p


Da Vinci is a European restaurant nestled in the heart of Cooper Square. This restaurant combines authentic gourmet food with a cozy atmosphere which is enhanced by the live music playing in the background. Their food is consistently top-notch and is only matched by their service. If you need a break from the cold of the slopes, or the hustle and bustle of your trip, then Da Vinci is perfect for a romantic evening, special occasion or business dinner.

What They’re Known for: Da Vinci’s is known for two things: their food and their atmosphere, which combine to create a fulfilling dining experience. Both the pork chop and the lamb are fan favorites. The music varies from ambient music to urban and international choices, depending on the day, making it an excellent place to learn about a new style. Quality food combined with stellar service and a relaxing environment make for a dining experience to be remembered. Unique, imported beers are sure to impress beer connoisseurs.

What to Watch for: Some patrons find the music to be loud, especially if it is not to their taste, so plan to spend a few moments listening to the music before sitting down. Like most fine dining restaurants, it can be pricey when appetizers, drinks, entrees and desert are taken into consideration. Plan to make Da Vinci’s an experience, rather than a quick bite and you’ll be thrilled.

Price: $10-$35+

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Da Vinci