Berthoud Pass

Berthoud Pass Backcountry Skiing

berthoud pass skiing

Berthoud Pass used to be the site of the Berthoud Pass Ski area. The ski lodge has been torn down and the ski lifts are no longer there. This is still a popular spot for backcountry skiers in Colorado because a lot of the terrain can be accessed with the help of a vehicle.

There are several areas to ski and ride on every side of this mountain pass. The trail map that you see at the top of this page is from the old Berthoud Pass Ski Area. You can see an enlarged version of the overhead trail map view in the image to the right.

Berthoud Pass Parking

Although the ski lodge has been gone for several years, the parking lot at the top of Berthoud Pass still remains in place. You can hike to any of the skiable terrain at the pass from this parking lot.

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US Route 40 travels over the top of Berthoud Pass. The pass is located approximately 15 miles to the north of Interstate 70. If you continue on rt. 40 while heading north, you will come to the Winter Park ski resort near the bottom of Berthoud Pass.

Berthoud Pass Ski Maps

berthoud pass skiing


berthoud pass ski map


berthoud pass ski maps


berthoud pass skiing


berthoud pass


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