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Colorado Ski Rental Deals

We have every shop in Colorado in our database. We have deals for some, but not all. Most places offer an online discount if you book in advance. To get the deals we offer, you need to book at least 24 hours in advance.


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Christy Sports – Save 20%

Christy Sports has rental shop locations in all of the major Colorado ski resorts. Skiers and snowboarders can rent equipment that is designed for their own ability level at all of these stores. Available online ski rental packages here include; demo ski rental package, premium ski rental package, sport ski rental package, and the jr ski rental package. Save 20% by booking through the link below. – Save 20%

This online ski equipment rental portal does all of the ski rental bookings for Specialty Sports Ventures (SSV). This includes some of the most popular ski rental shops in Colorado. This includes Aspen Sports, Breeze Ski Rentals, Vail Sports, Keystone Sports, and locations in virtually every other ski resort in the State of Colorado.

Breeze Ski Rentals

Breeze Ski Rentals – Save 20%

Breeze Ski Rentals has several store locations in all of the largest CO ski resorts. Breeze is owned by Vail Resorts and This store typically carries some of the best equipment brands like Salomon, Burton, and K2.

Door to Door Delivery – 20% Discount

The name says it all. Door2Door is a division of Christy Sports, so you can rest easy that they are great. The ski delivery concept is becoming more popular and it’s likely here to stay with time being so precious–why spent it in a rental shop? This is a great option anywhere in the state that Christy operates. It’s more expensive, but many find it worth the cost.


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Rent, Fly, or Buy?

We have pulled together all of the various known costs, side-by-side, to RENT or FLY to help you make the best decision. But you may be strictly a renter right now and not have your own gear. So we have also included some cost figures to help you find the point at which you are just throwing away money on renting vs. buying. There is a lot of data here, so hold your questions until the end, and snap your bindings down tight.

Colorado Ski Rental FAQ

What is the easiest way to get discounts on ski rentals in Colorado?

You can get 20% off of your ski rentals if you order online at least 24 hours in advance! Just click on the link above to visit the Christy Sports website and book your discounted ski rentals now.

What type of skis should beginners rent?

You don’t need to spend the extra money to rent a pair of high performance skis. In some cases this might even make the process of learning to ski more difficult. Go with a base ski rental package that includes boots and poles. You won’t find the same 10-year old rental skis here in Colorado that you might find at a small ski resort in Western New York. When you travel to Colorado, you’ll find that most ski resorts have rental equipment that is not outdated, and usually in great condition.

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