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Loveland Pass Backcountry Skiing

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This page has information and photos for the skiers and snowboarders who are visiting Loveland Pass in Colorado. Loveland Pass is located just above the Loveland ski area on rt. 6. This is a popular backcountry spot for local skiers because it can be accessed by hitchhiking and vehicle shuttling.

loveland pass

The photo above shows the parking area at the top of loveland pass. The most popular area for skiing descends to the left (North/North-east) of this photo.


This is the view of the western side of loveland pass (above). This photo was taken from the parking and viewing area at the summit of rt. 6 on loveland pass. To the right of this photo about 1 mile down the ridgeline is Arapahoe Basin.

The photo below shows the same area that is pictured above from a different angle.


This photo shows the eastern side of the continental divide on Loveland Pass. The parking/viewing area is located just behind the location of this photo. This photo was taken on 10/31/09 just as the terrain was becoming skiable.


Hitchhiking Loveland Pass


This is where a lot of the terrain of the eastern side of Loveland pass funnels down to. You can see a few groups of skiers and snowboarders gathering and looking for a ride back up Loveland Pass. There is lots of hitch hiking on Loveland Pass. On a drive to the top of the pass you will usually pass at least 1 or 2 pickup trucks full of skiers and riders.

Marjorie Bowl

The Marjorie Bowl is approximately a 1 hour hike from the summit of Loveland Pass. This bowl is just beyond the ski area boundary of Arapahoe Basin and there are frequent avalanche slides in this area. The ridge ascending to the left with no trees on it is the Shit for Brains ascent route that you can see turther down this web page. The ridge that makes up the looker’s right-hand side of this bowl is also the backside of the Tree Chutes at the Abasin ski area.

loveland pass backcountry skiing


You can see a wider angle photo of the Marjorie Bowl below. This photo also shows the East Wall at Aapahoe Basin on the right-hand side.

loveland pass backcountry skiing

Shit for Brains

loveland pass backcountry skiing

Shit for Brains is probably one of the steepest runs that you can ski in Summit County. This is located on the ridge between loveland pass and Arapahoe Basin in the Marjorie Bowl. You can see the chute above with low snow coverage. You can park in the upper Arapahoe Basin parking lot and cross the road to start your ascent. Below you can see a wider photo with the ascent route highlighted.

loveland pass shit for brains ascent

The Professor

This route descends toward Arapahoe Basin from Loveland Pass. You can see the slide path from frequent avalanches below the main pitch. The photos below were taken from the top of the Pallavicini lift at Abasin.

loveland pass professor


loveland pass professor

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