Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens Visitor Info | Denver, CO

This theme park is located adjacent to the Pepsi Center Arena in Denver, Colorado. This park includes a waterpark, picnic area, and several thrill rides. The theme park can easily be accessed via Denver’s light rail system.

The first roller coaster at Elitch Gardens was opened in 1904. At that time; the park was located at 38th and Tennyson Street. The Elitch Gardens Theme Park was moved to its current location prior to opening for the summer of 1995. Some of the existing rides were moved to the new location. However, none of the original theme park rides remain in operation today.

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Admission Ticket Prices

Children under the age of 3 may enter the park for free. Some groups are eligible for group discounts.

Elitch Gardens Hours of Operation

Hours of operation will vary throughout the summer season. A full list of opening and closing times is available on this page Elith Gardens Hours.

Quick Park Stats and Facts

This theme park has 5 steel roller coasters and 1 wooden roller coaster. Many of the rides at the park were part of the original theme park before it moved to its current location in 1995.

Elitch Gardens FAQ

Does the park close if it is raining?

Park rides may close during poor weather conditions. If the rides are closed for more than 90 minutes you may ask for a raincheck.

Is this a Six Flags amusement park?

No, Six Flags owned and operated the park from 1999 until 2006. The park is now owned by the Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation.

Can children ride the rides for free?

No, there is a reduced admission rate for kids, but children are not admitted to the park for free unless they are under age 3.

Are there strollers and wheelchairs available for public use?

Yes, these are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Is this amusement park open during the winter?

No, the park closes during the winter months. Spring and Fall days/hours are limited.

Elitch Gardens Park