Maybe it’s not that suprising with as many visitors that we get from the coasts, but we are asked more times than seems reasonable Where is the place to go for seafood? On its face, it may not seem like the mountains is the spot to look for a fresh catch. Certainly, our trout is phenomenal, but it kind of stops there. Our advice would be to try beef and game, elk in particular. This is what we have. It’s fresh and it’s good. Plus, seafood doesn’t tend to carry out well in these pandemic times, but you do you. However, for all you seafood lovers out there, we have curated a list of places that top our lists as well as one other concept you might not be thinking about that could change everything for you.

First note that the below cover as much of the Colorado ski resorts as we can, but this is not dedicated to one place in particular.

Second note. At the time of this post, Colorado is closed for in-person dining. Again, we don’t think seafood is best for carry out, but we won’t judge.

Best Seafood in Aspen

Aspen likely has more seafood than any other mountain town. The exclusivity of Aspen demands that it has exclusive fare, such as seafood as far from an ocean as posecond notesible. Here is a good list of seafood restaurants in Aspen as a general guide. Our recommendations are Ajax and Jimmy’s. Ajax is in Little Nell, and carries a range of dishes, but they have some good seafood options.

Seafood in Steamboat

We don’t want to waste any time mentioned Ragnars. It is relatively new, created from a Scandinavian vision, and the first thing you’ll see on the menu is King Crab Legs, which is a nice treat just any old time, anywhere, especially in the mountains. Seafood and shellfish are foundational to this menu. Next, we want to bring your attention to E3 Chophouse, also a local favorite. This is more of a steak and game restaurant, but they are so good at everything here that you shouldn’t go to sleep on their few seafood dishes–shrump cocktail, lobster bisque, salmong–that are powerful and delightful. They are prepped and ready for curbside pickup.

Breck for Fish?

Crazy as it seems, there are a decent amount of seafood places in Breckenridge. South Ridge Street Seafood Grill will top the list. The rest are more casual places, if such as thing exists in Breck. All good and will get you your seafood fix.

Vail/Beaver Creek Seafood Restaurants

You won’t be at all shocked to learn that Vail/Beaver Creek has plenty of sushi and seafood restaurants. Montauk is by far our favorite. And if you can drive a little ways up I-70 to Edwards, they have our favorite sushi restaurant Sato. We would link here, but it seems their site is down, so just use the standard ordering sites. Sushi carries out well, so there is not much loss here.

Crazy Idea. Have Seafood Shipped In.

There are plenty of companies on the coasts that ship seafood from dock to door. As long as you have an address, you can do the very same while you are having a ski vacation. You can literally order in whatever you want, if you are a smart planner. There is a local company in Denver that compares fresh seafood delivery services so you can get the best price on whatever you are looking for. Remember that crab legs are at peak season during the Holidays, so order soon if you want this for your family time.

The Best Places for Seafood in the Mountains