Denver Malls

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is located in the south-east part of Denver. This area functions as the garment district of the city and this is where you should go to buy nice clothing.

There is an assortment of high-end men’s and women’s clothing stores here. At the heart of it all is the Cherry Creek shopping mall. You will find stores here like Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, and the list goes on from there. You can see a full list of the stores at the Cherry Creek Shopping Mall by clicking here: Cherry Creek Shopping.

16th Street Pedestrian Shopping Mall

This shopping mall spans more than 15 blocks; right through the heart of downtown Denver, CO. This area of the city is lined with cafe’s, restaurants, clubs, and great places to shop. A free bus system will stop on each block to transport shoppers and tourists throughout the district. This area is shown in the photo at the top of this page. The only type of stores that are not typically found on this street are the high-end luxury shops like the ones found in the Cherry Creek shopping mall and garment district.

Park Meadows Mall

This shopping mall has a wide range of stores including Dick’s sporting goods, Apple, Abercrombie and Fitch, and there is also several family dining restaurants within the mall complex. This shopping mall is located to the south-east of Denver in the town of Lone Tree. You can view a full list of stores and more information about this shopping mall here: Park Meadows.

Colorado Mills Shopping Center

This shopping mall is located at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills on the western side of Denver (Lakewood, CO). This mall is largely filled with outlet stores… many of which belong to the same high-end luxury clothing stores that you will find in the Cherry Creek mall. This includes Nordstrom’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Brooks Brothers. You can see more details here: Colorado Mills Shopping Center.

Denver Shopping for Ski Gear

Christy Sports

This is a ski and snowboard shop with locations in almost every Colorado ski town. This is a great location in Denver to shop for ski gear whether you are heading up to the mountains to ski or you are just buying a gift for someone else.

Sports Authority

This is a large chain of sporting goods stores that has locations throughout the country. You’ll find that the selection of outdoor gear in these stores will change throughout the year, but you can always find ski gear here while you are in Denver.

Denver Shopping