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Where to go for Denver Ski Rental Discounts

Listed below are the top places that we recommend for Denver ski rental. There are 7 locations between both Christy and Breeze across the city, and if you book online with us 24 hours before your arrival, you will save 20% off your total order. Because we just like you that much. There are other ski rentals in Denver, like Sports Authority, but we don’t have discounts with them and there are reasons that we wouldn’t recommend their equipment that we get into below.

Christy Sports | 5 Denver Store Locations

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Christy Sports has five stores in the greater Denver area. These stores provide a great chance to rent your ski equipment before you head into the mountains to ski, as well as buy any other gear (goggles, coat, helmet, pants). Christy Sports has ski equipment rental packages for children, adults, advanced skiers, and snowboarders of all ages and abilities.

There are store locations in Cherry Creek, Englewood/Park Meadows, Littleton/Southwest Denver, and South Denver (Orchard Rd & S. Holly St). The most convenient rental store location is right next to I-70 near Colfax Ave at Colorado Mills Mall; only a few miles before you head into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (Lakewood, CO). There is a Whole Foods next door, tons of places to eat, and a huge Mall right there. It’s the most all-around convenient spot for Denver ski rentals, in our humble opinion.

Breeze Ski Rentals | 2 Denver Store Locations

Breeze Ski Rentals

Breeze Ski Rentals has two store locations in Denver. The first location and most popular among travelers can be found just off of the 6th Ave Freeway in West Denver. This store is just a few minutes from I-70 and this can be a convenient place to stop and pick-up/drop-off your equipment rentals while traveling. The second store location is in Littleton, CO; about a 20 minute drive to the south of downtown Denver.

These two stores carry ski and snowboard equipment rentals from brands like Salomon, Burton, K2, Rossignol, and Volkl. Optional Denver ski rentals packages that are available here include skis/snowboard only, skis + boots and poles, and kids rental packages.


Snowboard & Ski Rental Denver

Whether you live in Denver or if you are driving/flying in from out of town, it is often wise–not always–to get your ski rentals in Denver. First, you need the ability to transport skis, snowboards, poles, boots, and helmets up to wherever your winter playground choice may be this trip. If your crew can’t handle the smoosh for the drive up or you are already smooshed before adding the gear, then it’s best for the whole trip if you wait. Drop everyone off at the condo, then go back and get gear after your bags aren’t taking up space. This is the smart way to do it and the way many experienced ski trippers know about.

But if you do have room, here’s what’s great about ski rentals in Denver.

  • No Lines. If you wait until you get up into the mountains to rent–even if you are smart enough to book online first–you will most likely be standing in line behind tons of other skiers who are waiting on their gear. With ski rentals in Denver or the Denver Metro area, you won’t have to wait. Promise.
  • Cheaper. Most of the time the gear is cheaper in Denver; sometimes not. But everything else is cheaper: restaurants, clothing, groceries, liquor, gasoline, etc. If you stop for ski rentals in Denver and grab lunch, you are saving money. If you need anything else, literally, ANYTHING else, you will save by being in Denver. Plus, Denver is an awesome city. You just write to us about whatever you are looking to do and we will tell you the best spot: bookstores, brewery tours, coffee shops, art museums, the aquarium sucks (just FYI), and anthing else you make have your sights set on.
  • Food Options. We won’t belabor this point, but there is just so much more to eat in Denver than in any other city in the state. And, by and large, you won’t face the same crowds as you will on the mountain, depending on which one you are headed to. If you are on your way to Vail, I’m sure someone has mentioned getting some pizza at Blue Moost. And you should. But they probably haven’t mentioned waiting in hour-long lines either. Pro tip.

The Sports Authority for Ski Rental Denver

We live in Denver so we have been to (and lived off of) The Sports Authority WAY more than you ever will. From their yearly SNIAGRAB, where you can pick up great gear at huge discounts, to just having a giant selection of everything, they are a great store. They also rent skis and snowboards. Most of the time, they are cheaper than everywhere else. But here’s why we think you should rent elsewhere.

First, if you break a ski, binding, pole, helmet, whatever while you are skiing, it is a long drive back to their Denver ski rental shop to get it fixed. The closest place to the most people in the mountains is the store in Silverthorne. But you will still need to get down the mountain, travel to the store, get it fixed, and come back. Unless you bust a ski on the first run of the day, most likely your day is finished and your lift ticket wasted. If you rent from Breeze or Christy–who have stores all over nearly every mountain base, you just get down, walk into the closest store, and you’ll be back up in no time.

Second, their skis are the cheapest for a couple of reasons. A, they have over 450 stores in the country so they just have huge volume. However, B) one of the other reasons is that these skis are made very tough so they know they can get tons and tons of life out of them, so they can rent them for cheaper. That sounds great, but to make a ski truly tough, you also make it really heavy and damper its performance. When we would rent skis back when we were first getting going, we joked that they were pratically made out of concrete.

If you are a first-timer, this might be comforting, so by all means rent from here. But if you are going to be carrying your partner’s skis or your children’s, think on that weight. It ain’t fun. As you gain ability, you might want to opt for better, lighter skis.

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