Senior Discounts

Powderhorn Senior Discounts

There are basically two categories of Powderhorn Senior discounts: the group that is 65-74 and the group that is at least 75 years old. I know my parents started to get senior discounts to some things, like movies, when they turned 55, but the qualifying ages here are 65 and up.

What are the Powderhorn Senior Discounts?

Day Lift Tickets – For any single day of skiing, Seniors paid $53 last season and 75+ paid $33. You can expect them to be $1-$3 more next season, but last season’s is a good benchmark, especially if you will be turning 65 or 75 before next season.

Full Season Season Passes – For the 2015-16 ski season, Seniors will pay $454 for a full season pass and those 75+ will pay $109 through April 30. This is the cheapest price for these passes. Each month they will get a little more expensive from May 1 until next season starts, but keep these figures in mind as a reference point for how much can be saved buying early for subsequent seasons.

Midweek Season Passes – You can get a Midweek Pass for $364. This means you can only ski Monday through Friday, with a few blackout dates from Dec 24 – Jan 1, Jan 18, and Feb 15. They only list the 65-74 age group, but we’re assuming that if you are over 74 they will still sell you one, it just won’t be customarily cheaper given your age. Still a great deal to have the mountain to yourself.

We’re also pretty sure that there are some discounts on a few other things around the resort, such as foodstuffs. Grand Junction is too big of a retirement community to not take good care of their Seniors and we’re certain they know this full well.

Powderhorn Senior Discounts