Copper Snow Day

Copper Mountain Announces Return of “Snow Day” Pass

By Colorado Ski Authority

Published: Sunday, Dec. 26, 2013 – 800p

COPPER MOUNTAIN, CO., Dec. 26, 2013 – Copper Mountain has game theory on their side as they announce the re-up of their annual “Snow Day” Pass that works for passholders only when Copper receives at least 4″ of snow.


The $99 Snow Day is pass is good if Copper Mountain sees, officially, 4″ or more of snow in the previous 24-hour period. The announcement will be made by 530a the morning of the qualifying day. Be warned not to trust your own measurements or sources; is the official source for determining “snow days.”


Copper reports that they typically average 30 days each season of 4+ inches of snow, making this a nice gamble for those with flexible schedules and within reach of the I-70 ski resort corridor. However, keep in mind that those 30 days of snow span the whole season, from November 1 through April 20, which is 171 days. By the time this was announced (Dec 20), the season was in its 50th day or roughly 30% of the season was already gone. This could mean—all things being equal—that 30% of the snow days have already passed—or about nine days—so passholders are really fighting for the 21 that are left in the season.


Currently, the pass is $99, but it’s set to go up 20% to $119 on New Year’s Day. The pass is also good for Superbowl Sunday (Feb 2) and closing day (April 20), so passholders can be assured of at least two days of skiing no matter what the weather may bring.


This is a good play for Copper, trying to secure more market share when I-70 is packed with the powder hounds chasing the snow. And at $99 (or even $119 come next week), it’s a good bargain since two days are already locked up, plus you can buy two additional day passes for $59/day. This works for Copper as long as the snow days are regular, worse than normal, or happen to mainly fall during the middle of the week.


And at this price, it will be hard to pass up for anyone who doesn’t already have a season pass. Bring on the snow. Visit for details.


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Copper Snow Day Pass