Vail Open Letter

Open letter to vail begins the Colorado skiing + pot conversation

By Colorado Ski Authority

Published: Wednesday, Jan 1, 2014 – 300p

VAIL, CO., Jan 1, 2014 – Christine Arakelian of New York issued an open letter to Vail Resorts this week explaining why she “will not be returning to [Vail] anytime in the near future.” A New Yorker, top earner, and professed regular visitor of Vail and Beaver Creek, Arakelian endured many conversations of “drug use” in front of her and her son while on vacation this past week, and decided she had had enough when she created her open letter, published in

No matter where this leads, this was a discourse that has been punting up to this moment. While many have predicted an increased interest in Colorado vacations due to the recent marijuana law that went into effect January 1, it was certain to come with a downside. And Arakelian has staked her claim.

Now in day one of the new law, according to Matt Myers of Colorado Ski Authority, “there are two main reasons why this public conversation hasn’t yet happen. First, many were waiting to see what this actually looked like, whether it be Amsterdam or Boulder. The second is that this is a Colorado law, voted in by Colorado residents. While hundreds of thousands of people visit the Colorado ski resorts every season from different states and countries, whatever opinions they may have aren’t those of the republic.”

The ski resorts have been holding their breath that they don’t lose the Bible Belt mainstays visiting from Texas and Oklahoma. While it remains to be seen, the temperature of Colorado tourists on this issue is just starting to be taken.

The full letter can be read HERE.

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Open Letter to Vail