Flying into Denver International Airport (DIA)

Denver has the largest airport in Colorado and this is a hub for most of the skiers who vacation here. When it comes to land area; this is the largest airport in the United Sates of America.

The Denver International Airport is widely known for it’s eye-capturing terminal rooftop. You will find information below about this unique rooftop and the rest of the DIA airport.

Denver International Airport Facts and Stats

Here are a few facts about the iconic rooftop that can be seen at DIA…

Denver Airport Parking

The airport offers travelers several options of where you park your vehicle. There is a free shuttle service that runs between the airport terminals and the various long-term parking lots.

If you are going to be gone for more than 30 days, you must make arrangements with the airport. If you car remains in the lot for more than 30 days, it will be towed.

Short-term visitor parking is available close to the main terminal, but there is an hourly parking rate charge for using these lots.

Denver Airport Transportation

This airport serves as a hub for the City of Denver and the entire State of Colorado. You will find an abundance of transportation options at DIA. These airport transportation methods range from your standard cab and limousine services, to mountain shuttle vans that can take you to any of the major ski resorts in Colorado.

If you are planning on taking a mountain shuttle to one of the ski resorts from the airport, be sure to reserve a seat for yourself in advance. You can find more useful information on this page about Denver Transportation.

Denver Airport Hotels

There is a large group of hotels that is located just a few miles away from the airport (Between DIA and the City of Denver). This hotel complex includes a Ramada Inn, Comfort Inn, and several other recognizable name brand hotels. You can see a full list of Denver hotels here; Denver Hotels.

Denver Airport FAQ

Is there any wireless internet service at DIA?

Yes, there is a free wireless network that is accessible throughout the Denver airport.

How should I go about picking someone up from DIA?

A convenient option is to wait in your car for someone to arrive. There is a 45 minute waiting area that is located on Pena Blvd. This area is about 3 miles from the terminal where you can pick-up travelers curb-side.

If you would like to meet someone who is arriving inside of the airport, there are 2 short-term parking lots that will have a small hourly rate charge.

Are there any smoking lounges in this airport?

Yes, there are 4 designated smoking lounges located throughout DIA.

Where can I pickup my oversized ski/snowboard equipment baggage at the airport?

The Denver International Airport has a separate luggage carousel for ski bags. It is located right next to the main luggage area and it’s designed to hold ski and snowboard bags. This airport handles thousands of ski bags each day in the winter months and this is the most efficient way to handle this amount of oversized luggage.

Getting to/from the Denver Airport

The map that is located above will give you some basic directions to get out of Denver. The foothills of the Rocky Mountains are located immediately on the western side of the city, and the ski resorts are just beyond those hills.

I-70 heads west out of Denver and begins to ascend into the mountains just outside of the city. You will travel passed the Red Rocks Amphitheater and through the Eisenhower Tunnel on this route. Next; you will enter into the mountains of Summit County. This area includes resorts like the Keystone Ski Resort and Breckenridge.

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