Powderhound Shuttles & Private Car Service

If you haven’t already heard of Powderhound, let us introduce you. Powderhound shuttles have been in the Colorado shuttle game for long enough that they just know how to do it better. They offer about as many special shuttle services that a company can, from singles and couples, to private SUVs, to big 15 passenger private vans.

Cool Online Booking System

Their booking system is the best and coolest we have seen. You can find your rates, and compare them to any of the different options they provide. Very visual and easy to use. 

Powderhound Private Shuttles: Free Stops

One of the many things that sets them apart from typical shuttle operators is that you can stop along your route to the mountains, grabbing food, booze, gear, clothes, or anything else, as long as time allows. We have done this personally, and grabbing food from our favorite pizza place in Denver (Parisi) for the drive up was pretty special. Not to mention being in the comfort of a van or SUV instead of sharing a passenger van with strangers. You don’t have to stop for anyone else door to door. That’s our jam.

Passenger Vans

Powderhound also has the standard 12 and 15 passenger vans, with their famous Powderhound shuttle logo on it. Great if you have a big group and/or lots of gear. A little less comfortable but a cheaper option to get a big crew to the hills.


They don’t flaunt this very much because it’s not that sexy, but they are very safe. All licensed and insured above the minimums. Driven by people who know these roads and the conditions well. While the comfort and ease usually get all of the attention, your safety is bedrock to their business and they take it seriously, even if they seem super laid back.

Powderhound Routes

Here is a list of their routes and the standard timing for travelling between, depending on the conditions. But if you are looking for something specific that isn’t on this list, such as transpo to an event or between mountains, just ask for a quote.

Powderhound Shuttles from Denver Airport  

Denver Airport to Keystone:  1 Hour 40 Minutes

Denver Airport to Breckenridge: 2 Hours

Denver Airport to Copper Mountain: 2 Hours

Denver Airport to Winter Park: 2 Hours

Denver Airport to Vail: 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Denver Airport to Beaver Creek: 2 Hours 25 Minutes

Denver Airport to Steamboat Springs: 3 Hours 30 Minutes 

Powderhound Shuttles from Montrose Airport

Montrose Airport to Aspen: 4 Hours 15 Minutes

Montrose Airport to Telluride: 2 Hours

We Use Them

I live in DC for most of the year, and when I fly in, I’m always pestering Sheldon at Powderhound to find me an opening for a private shuttle. I like getting my favorite pizza, sure. And stopping at Applejack for some whiskey and beers, of course. And Whole Foods for my groceries, (Whole Foods is so expensive), but I also love just talking with the drivers. Cool people who love the mountains and love driving people. You know those drivers that you are practically eager to give tips to when you arrive? Their whole team is like this. We don’t want to play favorites with their drivers. They know who we like best. (wink)

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