Disabled Skiing

Crested Butte Disabled Skiing and Snowboarding

Crested Butte can be a great vacation town for families with disabled family members. This is a vacation that everyone in the family will be able to enjoy. The adaptive Sports Center at Crested Butte is located right at the bottom of the ski area.

Lessons, Camps, Services for the Disabled

The Adaptive Sports Center offers 1/2-day and full-day lessons. These are typically offered as private lessons, but group lessons are available at a discounted rate.

Do you need assistance getting around the mountain? If you need assistance but you are not interested in a lesson, you can hire a guide from the ASC.

Equipment for Disabled Skiers

Specialized ski equipment of all shapes and sizes is available for use here. This includes a mono-ski that paraplegics are able to sit on while using small outrigger ski poles. There is also a “4-track slider” which is best described as a walker with skis on its legs. The slider helps to stabilize disabled skiers who are skiing in an upright stance.

Crested Butte Adaptive Sports Center Info

The adaptive sports center in Crested Butte, CO was founded in 1987. This facility has enabled outdoor enthusiasts and their families for more than 20 years. This facility is open year-round and you will find a wide variety of activities here beyond skiing and snowboarding.

Here are a few more of the activities that are offered here in addition to skiing and snowboarding…

Adaptive Sports Center at Crested Butte FAQ

What kind of disabled skiers does this center work with?

There are no set limitations on who can and cannot participate here. Many of the participants here have amputated legs and arms, brain injuries and cognitive limitations, spinal cord injuries, visual and hearing impairments.

If I am in a wheel chair, can I still ski?

Yes, even if you have no legs at all, you can still use a mono-ski. This equipment comes with a bucket seat and 2 outrigger/skis that you can hold in your hands for added balance and stability. An instructor can also follow behind you holding you on a tether.

You can view more information about the Adaptive Sports Center on the official website: Adaptive Sports Center.

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