Transpo from Gunnison Airport

transportation options from Gunnison airport to Crested Butte Mountain

There are a few transportation options from the Gunnison airport to the mountain base in Crested Butte, but it’s your call on which you think is best for your crew and situation.

Alpine Express is a solid shuttle service that will take you to the Crested Butte Mountain base. It’s professionally run, all of the drivers are certified by the state, and it’s just fast and convenient, even if it is pricy at $36.50/person each way. 

Dolly’s Mountain Shuttle is quite a bit cheaper at $25/person each way, but you need at least 6 people for that rate, so it could end up being about the same price if your crew isn’t that big.

There are also students who will offer their services as a shuttle driver. This is more hit and miss, and probably something to avoid when the weather is bad, but just know that this is common and on the up and up in this area.

The cost of an airport shuttle is just the rub in Crested Butte. It’s a 31 mile drive to the airport to the mountain, which is almost 45 minutes. And you will have all of your gear. This not some cab ride or a typical shuttle. This is a long distance and typically in some sketchy whether. So while this cost is a pain, particularly with a family when this could be $250-$300 roundtrip, but the cost has some justification.

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