Nature Science Museum

Denver Nature and Science Visitor Information

The Denver Nature and Science Museum is located in City Park, just to the south of 23rd avenue. This area is also home to the Denver Zoo and the City Municipal Golf Course.

Museum Entrance Fees Prices

Entrance fees will vary depending upon whether you are interested in the Imax theater, Museum, or Planetarium. Most tickets will range between $6-$12 depending upon your age and what you want to see. You may also buy combo admission packages that are valid for the Imax Theater, Planetarium and Museum. You can view a full schedule of Museum admission ticket prices on the official museum website –

Museum Parking

Free public parking is provided directly in front of the Museum. There is also an underground parking garage that can be accessed from the same front entrance. The parking garage ramp is located on your right as soon as you enter the main parking lot.

Museum Hours

The nature and science museum is opened 364 days/year. The only day of the year that this museum is not open is Christmas Day. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Denver Nature and Science Museum