Jackets for Skiing

Jackets for Skiing

Like a lot of clothing items, when it comes to jackets, you need a material and design that will provide protection against the elements, while still having the flexibility and fit to be comfortable. Many of the best color choices, too, tend to fall into a measured category between being too boring and too outlandish. Bright colors also offer an extra precaution against careless and wayward skiers.

How to Shop Around for Ski Jackets

There’s an overabundance of consumer information about manufacturing philosophies and technical information. There’s still no substitute for trying on and trying out ski jackets in action, but there are a couple simple things you can look at for performance measures. Don’t overlook the utility of vent zips and snow skirts. A waterproof rating should be in the 10,000-20,000mm range and a breathable rating of 20,000 grams represent high-performance products.

Why You’ll Probably Need More than One

The need for superior water resistance and thermal insulation is obvious, but this can also make the jacket pretty impractical after skiing. It’s not uncommon to have at least one jacket for while you’re on the slopes and another jacket for after skiing. So keep this in mind when shopping and packing for your ski trip.

Some trial-and-error is typically involved to find the brand and product that’s your absolute favorite. It’s also true that you can increase your odds for early success by doing your research and starting with highly reputable brands. Ski jackets are no exception.

Ski Jackets