Shoes for Skiing

We know what you’re thinking. You’re supposed to ski in boots. Yes, you are correct, but we’re talking about after you talk those things off, which we have to say, is one of the most glorious times of the ski day. So you want some after ski shoes to slide into. Companies have been at the “after ski shoe” game for a little while, and they have some things ironed down.

First, they need to slip on. You are tired after being on the hill, and you don’t even have enough energy to tie a couple strings together.

Second, they need to be light and easy to carry. Your dogs are barking after a full day in cramped ski or snowboard boots, and you don’t want to slide into another pair of something too snug. Plus, they need to be light and agile if you need to pack them in for apres ski or going directly to dinner.

Third, they need to be durable and agile. Snow and ice are tricky enough to traverse in snow boots, but if you have to walk up some stairs, across a parking lot, get on a bus, walk across another parking lot, etc. you better hope that the soles of these things can keep you upright and not making snow angels just for some comic relief from your fall.

Here are some of the best companies and best products that we have found out there that fit what we believe to be great shoes for after you’re finished skiing.

After Ski Shoes